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Build 20191001

Changelog Resolved: prevent adding a mailbox that had an existing alias in the system (MMA-2628)  Enhanced ability to hover over on icons with trimmed wording to display the full text (MMA-1314) 

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Build 20190910

Changelog Improved rsyslog with Local Client (MMA-2392)  Enhanced mailbox configuration when adding a domain (MMA-505)  Improved ability to log in as parent admin or sub-admin (MMA-1200)  Improved log search display when sender is NULL (MMA-2313) 

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Build 20190903

Changelog   Optimized log migration when using “message archiving for senders” option (MMA-2156)  

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Build 20190827

Changelog  Enhanced archive export (MMA-2002)   Improved removal of quarantined messages (MMA-2197) 

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Build 20190820

Changelog  Improved rsyslog response time (MMA-2217, MMA-2187) 

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Build 20190813

Changelog Improved template configuration with display of current admin and selection of additional options (MMA-1011)  Enhanced outgoing delivery IP management (MMA-1856, MMA-2040) 

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Build 20190806

Changelog Resolved: Fixed issue where preview rsyslog server logs were being sent with status template instead of mail template (MMA-2058)  Resolved: Corrected issue where some Protection Reports were not being sent (MMA-2059)  Resolved: Fixed issue to display suggested values for the preview remote syslog templates (MMA-1770)  Improved: “Name” field on … Continue reading

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Build 20190723

Changelog Filtering (services):  Resolved: Update logging queue status for messages with dropped connections (MMA-1362)   Front-end / GUI:  Resolved: Inclusion of Domain ID in CSV custom rule export and import (MMA-1443) 

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Build 20190716

What’s new this week Summary Information When using a page that provides a table that includes one or more columns that is a number, you can now optionally include an average or total summary row. If you group the results, then you’ll get … Continue reading

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Build 20190709

Changelog Filtering (services):  Resolved: allow sending messages from an alias sender or alias domain when “enforce sender” is enabled (MMA-1342) Changed: the “action_code”, “classification”, “classification_code”, and “classification_details” codes for the remote syslog functionality have been removed (MMA-1484)

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