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SolarWinds Spam Experts: November 2 Features and Updates Release

Updated TLS cipher preference for SMTP (MMA-4475)

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Build 20200721

What’s new: Increased security with TLS 1.2 and DH 3072 bit minimums (MMA-3421, MMA-3769).

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Build 20200609

What’s new: A new Main Class of ‘not-filtered’ has been added. When looking at messages that are Main Class Not-Filtered, Sub Class Recipient, Extra Class Mailbox is not filtered, this means that mailbox filtering has been turned off for the … Continue reading

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Build 20200310

What’s new: Improved LDAP sync by extending the amount of time allowed for LDAP response prior to timeout. (MMA-3104) 

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Build 20200114

What’s new: Added the ability to blacklist senders on domain with IP address rather than FQDN (fully qualified domain name). IP addresses can now be used in the Domain tab instead of FQDN to add a new blacklist sender in the Outgoing Protection … Continue reading

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