SpamExperts Top Software Updates – December 2015

Tech Update

Fighting spam, phishing and other threats requires a lot of effort in order to develop and improve the best software an email security company can provide to its customers. Although the number of spam and phishing attacks continue to increase in complexity and the “bad guys” have become more cunning, we have also been improving our pace to always stay one step ahead of the game.

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Infographic – How to Protect Your Organization from Outbound Spam

How should you deal with outgoing spam? This is an issue organizations have been facing for quite a while, as most end up feeling helpless in the ongoing fight. Not being able to send emails, while at the same time worrying about brand reputation and IP blacklisting can turn to chaos any work process. However, technology comes to your aid with various software products which will clean your infrastructure and make your life easier. Are you still debating on the pros and cons? Take a look at the infographic below.

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How Open Source Has Helped Us Grow


Open source has been a consistent trend for the past years, as more and more commercial companies are getting involved, sponsor and promote such projects. It is more common for companies in the Internet industry to use a mix of open source and proprietary software and make use of a large number of technologies coming out of the open source community. Take Linux, an open source operating system, on which a high number of companies run, and probably the best example of the open source joint efforts.

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7 Current Trends in Secure Web-Application Development

data thief

24 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee introduced the first toolset for web-development. It involved 18 HTML tags and no technologies like CSS or JavaScript.  Back then, the issue of application security was not truly existing. Today, in order to build even a basic website, a web-developer or a team have to consider many technologies, frameworks and approaches, and select those suitable for each particular project.

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Tech Update

As we keep on expanding our company and client base worldwide, we constantly strive to improve our products and integration add-ons on a daily basis to stay relevant in today’s competitive email security market landscape.

With all the knowledge, experience and technical resourcefulness that our dedicated Development, QA and Support teams possess and put into each task they take on, we want to showcase some of their awesome achievements of the past few months.

Blog article_4

Now let’s get down to business and see what the newest tech updates are.

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California Dreamin’: HostingCon Global Recap

Last week, our team was very excited to be at HostingCon Global. HostingCon is the biggest event in the hosting industry in North America, with high-profile attendees interested in the latest news, technology and partnerships. The convention took place in San Diego, California, which means great location, stunning views and perfect weather.

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