SpamExperts Software Updates – 1st Quarter 2017

SpamExperts blog post for Q1 2017 Software Updates

The first quarter of 2017 was very busy at SpamExperts. We’ve been rolling out new features and updates designed to further improve our email filtering and archiving systems.

In this blog post, we’ve highlighted the most important updates of Q1 2017. For a comprehensive list of updates, please visit the changelog in our knowledgebase. Continue reading

SpamExperts Team Member Spotlight – Catalin Donici

Catalin Donici Team Member Spotlight
From left to right, Sam Renkema, CEO SpamExperts, and Catalin Donici, QA Coordinator SpamExperts

Catalin Donici, head of the SpamExperts Quality Assurance department, joined the company in 2013 and is currently working from the SpamExperts office in Bucharest, Romania. For 3 long years now, Catalin and his team assured that no code or feature went untested. Delivering bug-free software is a rule that the SpamExperts QA team follows strictly on a daily basis, and with Catalin in control of automated testing and the likes, we’ve experienced incredibly productive years.

Here’s a little sneak peek in what makes Catalin a professional and a valuable asset to SpamExperts! Continue reading

SpamExperts Software Updates 4th Quarter 2016

Q4 Software Updates

There aren’t that many days left in 2016, but before the new year settles in, let’s take a few moments and go through the SpamExperts Q4 Software Updates.

For the last quarter of 2016, SpamExperts has been working on adding new features designed to improve spam, phishing, virus, malware and ransomware detection & protection (among other such threats).

In this blog post, we’ve highlighted the most important updates of Q4 2016. For a comprehensive list of updates, please visit our knowledgebase. Continue reading

Our Clients Explain Email Security in 7 GIFs

Confused. Scared. Unequipped. Or at least, that was how I felt before we started using your product.”

Gif of a confused man

In November, we asked some of our loyal clients to illustrate how they feel about SpamExperts and email security. Some answered in words, some found more expressive ways.

We received a bundle of fantastic responses and are happy to share some of those in this blog post. Continue reading

SpamExperts Team Member Spotlight – Dmitry Lomakin

Dmitry Lomakin is one of our best Frontend developers working out of Kursk, Russia. He has been a loyal employee for almost 8 years now and has helped shape SpamExperts into the great company that it is today. We couldn’t be happier that such a skilled programmer as Dmitry  is part of our Frontend team. For all your hard work, for all the years you’ve helped us, we salute and thank you Dmitry Lomakin.

Dmitry Lomakin, Front End Developer at SpamExperts Continue reading