Build 20200121

What’s new:

  • Enhanced ability to blacklist senders and remove messages from log search. Users can now blacklist the sender and remove the message, including quarantined messages directly from the log search page. Blacklisting and removing are also supported for multiple messages from the log search. Blacklisting is supported at both the email and domain level depending on scope of user login. (MMA-524) Picture1
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Build 20200114

What’s new:

  • Added the ability to blacklist senders on domain with IP address rather than FQDN (fully qualified domain name). IP addresses can now be used in the Domain tab instead of FQDN to add a new blacklist sender in the Outgoing Protection Sender Blacklist. (MMA-2941) 

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Build 20191126

What’s new:

  • Macros added to the attachment restrictions feature
    • Attachment restrictions now features the ability to block attachments with macros to help prevent zero-day attacks via macros (MMA-2595).   

Blocking Macros

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Build 20191112

What’s new:

  • Enabled aggregate DMARC reports. 
    • DMARC (Domain-based Message, Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) aggregate reports detail the authentication status of messages sent on behalf of a domain. The DMARC aggregate report also indicates which emails are authenticating against DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework. (MMA-2092)
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Build 20191105


  • O365 shared mailboxes treated as distribution lists.
    • O365 shared mailboxes are now treated as distribution lists and are not counted towards usage for billing. (MMA-1293)  
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Build 20191029

What’s new:

  • Add attachments in continuity compose email (MMA-521):
    • Continuity mode allows users to send and receive email even if the email service  is offline. The compose email feature in continuity now supports attachments.  
    • Compose email
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Build 20191021


  • Made onboarding easier by checking destination and providing link to configure mailboxes after adding a domain (MMA-505) 
    • One of the first steps in onboarding is to add a domain. The Add Domain panel has been enhanced with a new Add and configure button which when selected will show a validation of the destination mail server and will directly link to the mailbox configuration. 


  • Improved mailbox configuration (MMA-486MMA-1276) 
    • Admin default is set to automatic population of mailboxes if auto-detection (for new domains) is selected Automatic population of mailboxes is only available when using auto-detection on destination mailserver and when the destination is not a catch-all. 


    • Mailbox configuration has also been enhanced to notify the user that if they select the Protect Specific Mailboxes Only option then only mailboxes that have been added with filtering explicitly enabled will be protected. Picture3.png 
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Build 20191001


  • Resolved: prevent adding a mailbox that had an existing alias in the system (MMA-2628) 
  • Enhanced ability to hover over on icons with trimmed wording to display the full text (MMA-1314) 
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Build 20190910


  • Improved rsyslog with Local Client (MMA-2392) 
  • Enhanced mailbox configuration when adding a domain (MMA-505) 
  • Improved ability to log in as parent admin or sub-admin (MMA-1200) 
  • Improved log search display when sender is NULL (MMA-2313) 
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Build 20190903


  • Optimized log migration when using “message archiving for senders” option (MMA-2156)  
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