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Build 20200804

What’s new: Added ability for an admin to broadly enforce 2FA (MMA-3872)

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Build 20200310

What’s new: Improved LDAP sync by extending the amount of time allowed for LDAP response prior to timeout. (MMA-3104) 

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Build 20200211

What’s new: Added the ability for super-admins to skip PTR check (reverse DNS) in Whitelist IP. Super-admins now have the ability to skip the PTR (pointer records) check during IP whitelist configuration. CSV import and query rules to identify skip PTR check are also supported (MMA-3028).  

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Build 20200121

What’s new: Enhanced ability to blacklist senders and remove messages from log search. Users can now blacklist the sender and remove the message, including quarantined messages directly from the log search page. Blacklisting and removing are also supported for multiple messages from the log search. Blacklisting is supported at both the … Continue reading

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Build 20191126

What’s new: Macros added to the attachment restrictions feature Attachment restrictions now features the ability to block attachments with macros to help prevent zero-day attacks via macros (MMA-2595).   

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Build 20191105

Changelog O365 shared mailboxes treated as distribution lists. O365 shared mailboxes are now treated as distribution lists and are not counted towards usage for billing. (MMA-1293)  

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Build 20191029

What’s new: Add attachments in continuity compose email (MMA-521): Continuity mode allows users to send and receive email even if the email service  is offline. The compose email feature in continuity now supports attachments.  

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Build 20190910

Changelog Improved rsyslog with Local Client (MMA-2392)  Enhanced mailbox configuration when adding a domain (MMA-505)  Improved ability to log in as parent admin or sub-admin (MMA-1200)  Improved log search display when sender is NULL (MMA-2313) 

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Build 20190820

Changelog  Improved rsyslog response time (MMA-2217, MMA-2187) 

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Build 20190813

Changelog Improved template configuration with display of current admin and selection of additional options (MMA-1011)  Enhanced outgoing delivery IP management (MMA-1856, MMA-2040) 

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