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Build 20191112

What’s new: Enabled aggregate DMARC reports.  DMARC (Domain-based Message, Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) aggregate reports detail the authentication status of messages sent on behalf of a domain. The DMARC aggregate report also indicates which emails are authenticating against DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and … Continue reading

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Build 20191029

What’s new: Add attachments in continuity compose email (MMA-521): Continuity mode allows users to send and receive email even if the email service  is offline. The compose email feature in continuity now supports attachments.  

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Build 20190910

Changelog Improved rsyslog with Local Client (MMA-2392)  Enhanced mailbox configuration when adding a domain (MMA-505)  Improved ability to log in as parent admin or sub-admin (MMA-1200)  Improved log search display when sender is NULL (MMA-2313) 

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Build 20190820

Changelog  Improved rsyslog response time (MMA-2217, MMA-2187) 

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Build 20190813

Changelog Improved template configuration with display of current admin and selection of additional options (MMA-1011)  Enhanced outgoing delivery IP management (MMA-1856, MMA-2040) 

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Build 20190806

Changelog Resolved: Fixed issue where preview rsyslog server logs were being sent with status template instead of mail template (MMA-2058)  Resolved: Corrected issue where some Protection Reports were not being sent (MMA-2059)  Resolved: Fixed issue to display suggested values for the preview remote syslog templates (MMA-1770)  Improved: “Name” field on … Continue reading

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Build 20190611

Changelog Filtering (services):  Changed: outgoing filtering identities are only created when needed (fb879f2646) Improved: optimized the log data expiry process to take reduce the required system resources (MMA-1336)

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Build 20190604

Changelog Filtering (services):  Resolved: improved handling of exceptionally large messages in quarantine (971d658874) Resolved: ARF notification messages would show as queued, but were actually delivered (MMA-1354) Resolved: improved handling of quarantined messages when a cluster has high load (MMA-1029)

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Build 20190521

What’s new this week:  Admin level custom filtering rules It’s now possible to create filtering rules at admin level (that apply to all domains linked to that admin, including indirectly). To do this, simply use the “Admin Rules” tab and select … Continue reading

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Build 20190514

What’s new this week:   Addition of Admin Aliases for login A new page has been added “Manage Admin Aliases”. This page is used to configure multiple user/password credentials to log in as the same admin. For example, if you have three users that manage the … Continue reading

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