Build 20190514

What’s new this week:  

Addition of Admin Aliases for login

A new page has been added “Manage Admin Aliases”. This page is used to configure multiple user/password credentials to log in as the same admin. For example, if you have three users that manage the same set of domains, then you can create an admin alias for each of them, rather than sharing the same set of admin credentials.

When an admin alias is used to log in, the user has the same permissions as the primary admin. You can see in the top bar the name of the main admin, and actions taken by the user will be logged against the admin alias for auditing purposes.


Filtering (services):

  • Resolved: under some circumstances the archiving soft-quota warning message would fail to be sent (MMA-1282)
  • Resolved: in some cases the ‘welcome’ message for automatic Email Scout Reports would not be sent (MMA-1241)

Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved: fixed an issue where archive message content searching could incorrect return no results (MMA-1248)
  • Resolved: when using OAuth/OpenID Connect, the user’s language selection would not always be applied correctly (MMA-1287)
  • Improved: the LDAP authentication method now works when the authenticating email address is at a domain alias, rather than the primary domain (MMA-1289)
  • Added: an admin may be added as alias, having all permissions of the parent admin (MMA-194, MMA-959)

About Marilena Levy

Marilena Levy is Product Marketing Manager at N-able, in charge of the Spam Experts email security go-to-market strategy, for the web-hosting companies and ISPs/Telcos. Marilena loves traveling, and when at home, she enjoys house decorating, literature and movies.
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