N-able SpamExperts: Integrations Update – cPanel

We’ve updated cPanel integrations to work with the latest upstream versions.

cPanel Stable

  • Controlpanel: cPanel v11.108.0.15
  • PHP version: 7.4.33
  • Addon version: 3.0.96617

cPanel Release

  • Controlpanel: cPanel v11.110.0.2
  • PHP version: 8.1.16
  • Addon version: 3.0.96617

Note: In case the update is not possible using UI, please use the script:

wget -N https://download.seinternal.com/integration/installers/cpanel/installer.sh && bash installer.sh

Please consider the documentation for more details: https://documentation.n-able.com/spamexperts/userguide/Content/Integration/cpanel-addon.htm

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