Mobile “quarantine” app discontinued

In 2014, we introduced an app for Android and iOS that allowed email users to do basic quarantine management (e.g. view quarantined messages and release them). Over the last few years, app usage has significantly decreased, and the indications are that the apps are not providing much value to partners or users.

The Android app was quietly retired a while ago, when Google deployed some changes to the Play Store. The iOS app stopped working a few weeks ago when we introduced some new security improvements.

We have decided to discontinue the app. The iOS app will be removed from the App Store soon – while it will still be available on iPhones that already have the app, we will not be fixing the issue recently introduced, so it should be removed, and the normal control panel interface used instead.

At this time, we do not have plans to develop a new Android, iOS, or iPadOS app. If you have opinions about this, we’d love to hear from you – please reach out to your account manager.

Note that the app is (and always has been) open-source. You’re welcome to update the app yourself if you’d like to have a custom one. Note that this will at minimum require changing the authentication mechanism, and the way that messages are accessed (to either our newer API, or directly via IMAP).

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