Important Upcoming Changes (HC & LC)

There are three upcoming changes that you should be aware of, and may require you to update your servers and/or integrations.

SMTP AUTH must use TLS (Outgoing Filter, HC & LC)

In May, we will start requiring all SMTP AUTH connections (ie. the outgoing filter where you use a username and password, rather than authorising all connections from an IP) to use TLS. This applies to both SpamExperts Hosted Cloud and SpamExperts Local Cloud. Using TLS ensures that anyone that has access to your network traffic is unable to read the SMTP AUTH credentials. If you are not already using TLS, please make that change as soon as possible.

Removing support for HTTP, adding HTTP Redirect (Control Panel & API HC & LC)

Later this year, we will be removing support for accessing both the control panel and the APIs using plain (unencrypted) HTTP. All HTTP requests will respond with a standard “301” redirect response to the HTTPS version. If you are not already using HTTPS requests, we recommend that you change to do so as soon as possible. While most software will automatically follow redirects, you may need to take particular care with any custom API integrations you have created.

We will provide specific dates for when this change will go live closer to the time, but we strongly recommend changing to only use HTTPS as soon as you can.

Hosted Cloud IP Change (LDAP Sync & Authorisation, Continuity)

The IP addresses used to do LDAP authorisation, LDAP syncing, and send messages through the “Continuity” feature of the app has changed. The new IP addresses are and 2001:978:2:6::20:10 – (and similar names) resolve to these new addresses, but if you have the IP addresses in your firewall, you will need to replace the old addresses ( and 2001:1af8:4500:a034:101::2) with the new ones.

This change is effective as of Sunday the 17th of April 2022. We apologise that we missed informing you of this change in advance.

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