Build 20190702


Filtering (services): 

  • Resolved: fixed issue sending messages from an alias sender or alias domain when “enforce sender” is enabled (MMA-1342) 
  • Resolved: fixed issues rebuilding the message content index for certain messages (MMA-1404)
  • Resolved: fixed issues processing extremely large archived messages (MMA-1347) 
  • Resolved: if a quarantine server was unavailable, this could result in delays storing messages on other quarantine servers (b93b562acf)
  • Resolved: fix an issue that could result in Email Scout Reports incorrectly being sent (7b15493c39168cbcafa5) 

Front-end / GUI: 

  • Resolved: fixed issues downloading very large messages (MMA-245) 
  • Resolved: fixed issues that could cause an archive search to time out (MMA-1417) 
  • Resolved: attempting to view a message that had been removed from the quarantine could wrongly show an error that the message was expired from the archive (MMA-1442)
  • Resolved: when attempting to release a message with a restricted attachment, two error messages would be displayed (MMA-1370) 
  • Resolved: fixed an issue where suggested values in a filter would not reset after a search was executed (MMA-1157) 
  • Resolved: in some situations the custom filtering rules page would fail to display error messages (MMA-1320) 
  • Resolved: the X-Frame-Options cross-origin header was not included on the 404 page (MMA-1355)
  • Resolved: fixed an issue that could occur exporting identities to CSV (MMA-1402) 
  • Resolved: fixed a situation where the the import from CSV dialog would not close (MMA-1403) 
  • Improved: the wording to generate a message content index has been improved (abc07341b1) 
  • Improved: the page description for Email Scout Report activation message templates has been improved (b4265157f2) 
  • Improved: the page description for Outgoing Default settings has been improved (efcdc63098) 

About Marilena Levy

Marilena Levy is Product Marketing Manager at SolarWinds, in charge of the Spam Experts email security go-to-market strategy, for the web-hosting companies and ISPs/Telcos. Marilena loves traveling, and when at home, she enjoys house decorating, literature and movies.
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