Hallo South Africa!

We’re very pleased to announce the immediate availability of South Africa as a region choice for SpamExperts Hosted Cloud, joining our United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, EU, and US region choices.

To ensure your incoming email is processed within South Africa, simply use these MX records:

  • mx1-za.spamexperts.com or filter10-za.antispamcloud.com for private label
  • mx2-za.spamexperts.com or filter20-za.antispamcloud.com for private label
  • mx3-za.spamexperts.com or filter30-za.antispamcloud.com for private label
  • mx4-za.spamexperts.com or filter40-za.antispamcloud.com for private label

To ensure your outgoing mail is routed to our servers in South Africa, simply use the smarthost za.smtp.spamexperts.com or za.smtp.antispamcloud.com (still using the submission port 587).

To have quarantine and archive data securely stored within South Africa, and outgoing mail sent via servers in South Africa, choose the “South Africa” region when adding a domain.

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