N-able Spam Experts: April 13 Features and Updates Release

What’s new:

We have improved consistency by upgrading the legacy Protection Reports to use the current message view when using the subject link (MMA-5333).

Improved the Mailboxes, Mailbox Aliases, Domain Aliases, Templates, Destinations, Whitelist, Blacklist, Custom Filtering Rules, Custom Filtering Actions, and many other pages so that results are displayed on page load, without having to use the “show results” button (MMA-3694).

Admins can now select which activation template is used when Email Scout Reports are created. Users can use this to default to a different language, or to welcome new mailboxes using content specific to their service or brand (MMA-1421).

Viewing message logs across multiple domains is now much simpler, with the addition to the incoming & outgoing log search pages of filtering by admin (MMA-3318).

Training messages in the app is now simpler, with a fresh design of the training page, combining training all types of incorrectly classified messages in one location (MMA-680).

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