SpamExperts Software Updates 4th Quarter 2016

Q4 Software Updates

There aren’t that many days left in 2016, but before the new year settles in, let’s take a few moments and go through the SpamExperts Q4 Software Updates.

For the last quarter of 2016, SpamExperts has been working on adding new features designed to improve spam, phishing, virus, malware and ransomware detection & protection (among other such threats).

In this blog post, we’ve highlighted the most important updates of Q4 2016. For a comprehensive list of updates, please visit our knowledgebase.

Frontend / GUI

Custom Protection Report action choices

A few months ago, SpamExperts added some extra actions to the Protection Reports. Besides being able to release messages from the quarantine, users can now also directly remove messages and whitelist or blacklist senders.

A domain user (or a super-admin or admin at the domain level) will now see a new “Domain report actions” item in the “Protection report” section of the dashboard in the web interface (and in the sidebar menu). On this new page, the four different actions can be individually enabled or disabled.

The choices made will apply to both the domain level Protection Report and also any email user Protection Reports at that domain.

Users who wish to change the default actions for all domains in a cluster, have to be logged in as super-admin and select the “Default domain settings” item in the “Incoming” section of the interface. Afterwards, a new “Protection report” section will appear in the left sidebar menu and users can find the “Domain report actions” page.

Expanded LDAP support

Since our last update, we received a lot of positive feedback on the LDAP authentication feature introduced and hence we have further expanded our LDAP support to allow authentication using e.g. Zimbra/OpenLDAP, as well as most other LDAP systems.

Manage a user’s sender whitelists and blacklists at domain level

In order to make the process easier for admins or domain users to manage their sender whitelists and blacklists, we have exposed the ability to whitelist or blacklist the sender for all recipients or only a specific one, at domain level from the same page.

Lock outgoing filter users from the outgoing reports page

A new exciting functionality has been added for outgoing filtering users. After the introduction of the option for clients to immediately lock abusive users directly from the web interface (as informed in our previous Q2 software update), now administrators can lock outgoing filter users (“identities”) directly from the “Outgoing Reports” page.

If the report shows that there is an issue with one of the users, this is a convenient way to disable their ability to send potentially harmful email until the problem is resolved.

Private Label – custom TLS certificates

The ability to set a TLS (SSL) certificate for each brand has been made available, to easily secure connections (HTTPS) to the web interface for custom hostnames. Besides the super-admin level, this feature has been exposed at admin level as well, for customers using the private label service.

To make use of this functionality, a super-admin or admin simply needs to:

  • ensure private label is activated for the account
  • create a CNAME record in the DNS system that points to the web interface server
  • obtain a SSL certificate for the hostname
  • upload the certificate bundle from the “Certificates” page in the “Server” section

Plugins & integration

We have recently released a newly upgraded SpamExperts extension for Plesk. Due to recent changes within Plesk, clients using version 17 and onwards can use the SpamExperts Plesk extension which can be found in the Plesk online store. Our development version can be found here. The older versions of Plesk can continue to use our existing Plesk addon.

Other updates

Email Scout Reports

We are in the process of replacing our protection report system with a new, more flexible and powerful system named Email Scout Reports. Besides the currently existing information, the new reports will include a lot of other types of information and advanced customization (such as selection of email types, frequency, timing, updated report template, etc).

One of our latest updates allows SpamExperts customers to preview its functionality and see how it works. In the log search pages, both for incoming and outgoing filtering services, at domain or email user level, users will see a new option titled “Email me this report” after performing a search. Using this feature allows users to get the log search results emailed to them either immediately, at a specified time in the future, or on a regular schedule. Basically, users will be able to get the results of whatever log search they can come up with, at whatever schedule they desire.

On the log search page, users will also see a new “Email Scout Reports” button that will take them to a page where they can manage their reports or rerun searches.

We have planned other great improvements that will be implemented throughout next year such as the option to choose from different templates, the ability to edit and create new templates, message actions, more powerful search filter options, and other.

We hope you enjoy this peek into what’s coming soon!

SpamExperts wishes everyone warm seasonal greetings and a spam free 2017.

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