Vulnerabilities in the Email Protection Industry

In the heady days after “A Plan for Spam”, developing anti-spam software was an exciting field full of rapid developments, as giants of computer science and mathematics like Tim Peters, John Graham Cumming, and Bill Yerazunis came up with new ideas to identify spam. In those days, it felt like a constant race with the spammers – they would come up with a new trick to fool our software, we’d figure out a counter to the trick, and so on – building better mousetraps all the way down.


These days, everything seems a lot tamer. Spam is still a big problem, but effective filtering gets rid of most of the bad mail, and to be a great product, it’s critical to offer not just filtering but a wide range of additional functionalities, like integration, configurability, flexibility, and responsive support. Spammers still come up with the occasional new trick, but the innovation from the bad guys has really moved to other areas, like social media.

So does this mean there are no longer any risks in the email protection industry? Not at all. Continue reading