SpamExperts Team Member Spotlight – Catalin Donici

Catalin Donici Team Member Spotlight
From left to right, Sam Renkema, CEO SpamExperts, and Catalin Donici, QA Coordinator SpamExperts

Catalin Donici, head of the SpamExperts Quality Assurance department, joined the company in 2013 and is currently working from the SpamExperts office in Bucharest, Romania. For 3 long years now, Catalin and his team assured that no code or feature went untested. Delivering bug-free software is a rule that the SpamExperts QA team follows strictly on a daily basis, and with Catalin in control of automated testing and the likes, we’ve experienced incredibly productive years.

Here’s a little sneak peek in what makes Catalin a professional and a valuable asset to SpamExperts!

Q: Your recipe for success?

A: Work hard and be kind.

Q: Who inspires you?

A: My twin sister. Friends and family. People that I work with.

Q: What inspires you?

A: The success of another person. New possibilities. Great books and movies. Sports.

Q: What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

A: I’m up again five minutes before the alarm went off, my internal clock must be amazing. It’s either that or a sign I’m getting older…

The city of Iasi, in Romania
The Palace of Culture in Iaşi, Romania.

After graduating high school, Catalin went to study Electronics in Iasi, which he claims is the most beautiful city in Romania. Soon afterwards, he got his first PC and was almost immediately absorbed by its mechanisms and technical intricacies. With time, he realized that he wanted his work-life to revolve around IT.

In the midst of college, he went about and found a position open at a small IT company located in Arad, exactly on the opposite side of the country. There, Catalin got himself familiarized with UNIX based operating systems, Apache and plenty other open source software.

But working in Arad didn’t last that long so Catalin saddled up and went back to the city that stole his heart.

Q: Greatest challenge and how did you overcome it?

A: In college, I had a job that shifted my attention from school to work. As a result, I started missing a lot of classes and ended up, after about 2 years, with some failed courses. Although I got promoted and things were looking pretty good at the time, I realized my future there wasn’t what I was looking for so I decided it would be best to part ways. I started studying again and finished college with a slight delay.

Coding for quality assurance

Back in Iasi, Catalin started working as a software tester for Host Europe Group. During those years, he learned the ins and outs of email systems and what web hosting companies are based on. As well, Catalin got acquainted with Selenium and other like-minded frameworks that help testers automate & improve their work.

Q: Preferred IDE / Text Editor

A: Sublime Text

Q: Work Hardware & OS

A: MacBook Pro – macOS Sierra. Huawei Nexus 6P

Q: Three favorite songs


Q: Three favorite books


Catalin's 3 favorite book

Boasting a great CV, and an even better know-how of the web hosting industry, Catalin impressed Dreas van Donselaar, SpamExperts’ CTO, and was offered a position in the QA team in Bucharest. Skillfully saving resources and increasing productivity, Catalin was asked to take things to the next level.

Q: Greatest work challenge and what did you do to make things work?

A: I started coordinating the QA team 4 months after I joined SpamExperts and that was quite challenging because I had to find a good balance between the actual software testing work and the coordinator tasks. My desire to work in an organized environment and my passion for all things IT made the tech engineer inside me a competent manager.

Q: Hopes and dreams for 2017

A: Workwise, successfully achieve all the QA goals we’ve set for 2017. On a personal side, get my own place.

Q: A great open-source project?


Moodle – it’s a learning management system often used by schools, universities or companies for e-learning projects. A couple of years ago, I worked for a small company that was promoting this open-source platform and as a result, some universities and lot of high schools are now using it.

Codeception – the QA team is actually using this framework in order to create automated tests for the frontend part of our software.

Team Member Spotlight - Catalin Donici

But in order to have a rewarding life at work, one must also delve deep into his very own passions and hobbies. With a keen eye to spot bugs and a bright mind to automate tasks to perform efficient tests, what kind of hobby did Catalin choose?

Q: Favorite hobby?

A: Basketball is by far my favourite hobby, I play for a team called Alpha in an amateur league and I occasionally play 3×3 on local tournaments.

Q: Favorite meal/dessert?

A: Spaghetti carbonara. As a dessert, I always enjoy some good eclairs.

Q: Great tech website / blogs / books


There are a lot of things about Catalin that make him an outstanding tech engineer and while there are some obvious quirks that make him great at what he does, there are still plenty left to uncover. Here’s to enough time working together to discover those hidden gems!

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