Our Clients Explain Email Security in 7 GIFs

Confused. Scared. Unequipped. Or at least, that was how I felt before we started using your product.”

Gif of a confused man

In November, we asked some of our loyal clients to illustrate how they feel about SpamExperts and email security. Some answered in words, some found more expressive ways.

We received a bundle of fantastic responses and are happy to share some of those in this blog post.

“Email security is very complex and cannot be described with just few words :)”

Man confused about email security

“We must adapt and fight the never ending hordes of malicious content, or fail to reach our goal.”

Lord of the rings - uru'khai fight

“To put our problem this way, we judged how good our spam scanning was on how much spam we received. Not kidding. It was one of those things we spent a week on, moved onto another project and hope we did enough to not worry about spam for at least another 6 months. Obviously, under staffed and scared of the challenge of dealing with spam, we decided to turn to a specialist, you guys.”

Confusion about email security

“Email security used to be something we used to think about & caused us many headaches. That’s all changed now thanks to the solution from SpamExperts we can focus on our core business instead!”

SpamExperts and email security go hand in hand

“Keeping users safe, while providing a reliable email platform, is a puzzle which SpamExperts solved for us!”

Praising SpamExperts' email security

“Today we feel safe and supported by a large company, and this security, we can share with our customers. We are to be attentive to security issues in the IT world, but we are not alone.”

After SpamExperts is installed

It’s been a fun interaction and we thank our partners who participated and used their creativity.

In 2017, we plan to organize more fun projects involving & rewarding our loyal customers. Stay tuned for updates!

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