SpamExperts Team Member Spotlight – Dmitry Lomakin

Dmitry Lomakin is one of our best Frontend developers working out of Kursk, Russia. He has been a loyal employee for almost 8 years now and has helped shape SpamExperts into the great company that it is today. We couldn’t be happier that such a skilled programmer as Dmitry  is part of our Frontend team. For all your hard work, for all the years you’ve helped us, we salute and thank you Dmitry Lomakin.

Dmitry Lomakin, Front End Developer at SpamExperts

Q: Your recipe for success?

A: Love your business and take good care of your family. Constantly improve your environment and respect other people. Don’t waste time on things/individuals you cannot impact.

Q: Who inspires you?

A: Steve Jobs. Stephen Hawking. My friends.

Q: What inspires you?

A: Challenging tasks. Good movies and books. The achievements of my kids and the love of my family.  

Q: Greatest challenge and how did you overcome it?

A: While studying at university, I realized I had to make a choice: either quit and start as a professional in web development or continue with my education and have vague prospects of finding a decent job after graduating. I decided to quit and I’ve never regretted my decision. Yes, I’m a rebel – from some point of view. 🙂

Church from Kursk, Russia
Church from Kursk, Russia

Before he found his true calling as a PHP programmer, Dmitry fancied learning the technology behind sugar production. He spent 4 years learning physics, chemistry and how several kinds of foods are created – sugar, bread, all sorts of candies, and so on. He even knows the ins and outs of making beer.

Q: Significant achievement at SpamExperts?

A: Between 2008 – 2009 I’ve designed and built a base for our control panel which is still in use. I’ve implemented a lot of customization for our (3rd-party) billing and support system as well. The biggest success, in my opinion, is that I have evaluated many people as a part of the SpamExperts Frontend team and have selected the best ones – our current frontend crew.

Sam Renkema and Dmitry Lomakin
From left to right: Sam Renkema, Dmitry Lomakin

Dmitry Lomakin grew up in a small village near Kursk, Russia. He went from working on his family’s farm, doing physical work and taking care of the fields, to learning PHP and relying on his extraordinary intellectual capacity. He always wanted to move forward and tackle the next challenge  – at the same time, he always had a thirst for knowledge.

Q: Greatest work challenge and what did you do to make things work?

A: Well, I started at SpamExperts as a web-developer and when the team expanded I became the team coordinator. Since I’m deeply rooted in all things tech, it was a big challenge for me to work as a manager but I did my best to get that part done well. However, at some point, we decided to have all the tech coordinators in the same office. I couldn’t relocate so I had to give up the Frontend team coordinator position to someone else.  Despite the personal hard-to-accept feeling of the change at that time, it was the right decision and showed a very positive outcome for all the parties involved.

Dmitry's Lomakin favorite books

Q: Three favorite books?


  • “The Magus”, by John Fowles
  • “Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World”, by Haruki Murakami
  • “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, by Richard Bach  

Q: Three favorite songs?


Q: Preferred IDE / Text Editor?

A: PhpStorm

Q: Favorite open-source projects?


Dmitry Lomakin and his wife
Dmitry and his wife

While still attending the university program, Dmitry founded his own company with a few friends. He opened up a small office and started looking for clients – Dmitry’s first website was a catalog of local commercial companies. However, back in the day, it was pretty hard to find people that understood what the Internet was all about and how it could (immensely) help their businesses. Yet, he managed to get a significant income, prompting him to effectively quit his uni program. He was spending 100% of his time programming and it was clear as a cloudless day that other distractions weren’t warranted.

Q: Work Hardware & OS

A: 2014 13” Macbook Pro (OS X Yosemite) + external 27” display, Google Nexus 5X

Q: Three great tech websites, blogs or books.


Dmitry started to realize at the dawn of 2005 that becoming a PHP programmer was written in the stars. Shortly after, in 2008, he started working at SpamExperts – when you add your heart and soul into a project, passion becomes your main drive and nothing seems impossible, not even learning programming on a professional level.

On a personal level, Dmitry and his wife have been a happy couple for 12 years now, have 2 beautiful daughters together and are also expecting their 3rd baby.

Q: What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

A: It’s Monday, Sasha (my older daughter) goes to school. If we don’t get a move on it in 10 minutes we’ll get into a serious traffic jam. Let’s move faster.

Q: Favorite meal/dessert.

A: Pilaf.

Dmitry's favorite food - Pilaf
Dmitry’s favorite meal – Pilaf.

Q: Favorite hobby, or what do you do in your spare time?

A: Reading, watching movies, gym and, since recently, biking.

Q: Hopes and dreams for 2016/2017.

A: Finish or at least make good progress on all Frontend projects the team is busy with. Do my best to help Sasha have a good start in elementary and music school (this is her 1st year). Get ready to deal with 3 children (e.g. change my car to a bigger one :-D).

Dmitry has a wonderful family, he has a magnificent PHP know-how and we rely on his wits to do our job. A round of applause for Dmitry and here’s to many more years together!

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