SpamExperts Hack Week 2016 Winners

SpamExperts Hack Week 2016 Winners

Our Hack Week 2016 event has ended. We want to congratulate everyone who participated and thank those who voted. Hack Week 2016 impressed us all – everything went smoothly, the projects were simply amazing and quite a few of them will either be released as open-source tools or become part of our software.

We can’t wait for Hack Week 2017, but until then, take a look at our winning projects for Most Fun/Interesting, Best Technical, and Best Overall.

Most Fun/Interesting

And this year’s winner is – Tony Meyer, Lead Developer

This time around, Tony created a Slack Bot that linked a SpamExperts cluster with a Slack team. First, to better understand how to use Slack’s “real time message” API with a bot, Tony created a simple “react” bot. This basically means that it takes cues from what is typed in a channel and reacts to particular keywords and phrases.

Delving deeper into the “real time message” API, Tony went ahead and made a “translate-room” bot that could transcribe messages written in any number of channels into a selected language.

From there on, getting to work on the SpamExperts Cluster was of primary concern, and, by the end of the Hack Week, the bot could:

  • Add a domain to the cluster.
  • Return some general information about how the domain is configured.
  • Set the contact email address for a domain.
  • Proactively post messages if it detects that there are problems that might need attention.
  • Interact with a fairly basic chat interface.

This very interesting project won Tony a Cheerson Minidrone.

Best Technical

And this year’s winner is – Kostas Papakonstantinou, Back-end Developer

Kostas went full tech-genius on his project and made a SpamExperts Vim plugin for Neovim – a way to remove the browser from his day-to-day work and use only what’s necessary. Now he can view his upcoming calendar events/meetings from inside Vim and search through his tickets and see their status and updates.

He even made it possible to use Slack from inside Vim, sending messages and opening snippets directly in his editor.

For all his hard work, Kostas received a one-year pro membership on, because of his passion to draw.

Best Overall

And this year’s winner is – Catalin Statache, UX Specialist

Catalin focused on creating a control panel Dashboard design.

Starting from SpamPanel’s default look and feel, Catalin illustrated a more modern and unique design by creating an enhanced UI/UX that resembles a next generation control panel interface. Catalin was crowned king of SpamExperts’ Hack Week 2016 for his awesome work. He also received a tiny DIY motorcycle gizmo and a karting voucher because he has an insatiable thirst for speed.

For general purposes, he made use of jQuery for DOM traversal, manipulation, and everything logic, Underscore.js, Velocity.js and DataTables. Going further to layout & visuals, Twitter Bootstrap (v3), Malihu Scrollbar and iCheck were mingled in.

That’s all for this year, until next time, stay safe, stay simply spam free.

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