What does it mean to work in QA at SpamExperts?

Doing QA at SpamExperts

Quality Assurance in a software company means a lot more than just manually checking the functionality of a website or application. At SpamExperts, we pride ourselves in taking automated testing to another level, and if an applicant is not intimidated by Linux, Python, or PHP, he/she is in for a treat.

Before we move on, we need to discuss how QA is perceived by the general public.

There is a lot of confusion around the web, but the most worrisome is how people tend to believe that doing QA basically means just clicking every single button on a website, and checking if it works or not. This is far from reality.

Great software Quality Assurance relies heavily on creating automated tests. In our case, we develop them for web applications via Selenium, taking into account the importance of Python’s unittest module, the phpUnit, and other standard unit testing libraries.

In the email security industry, doing QA also involves SMTP and DNS know-how, working with Bash scripting and the Codeception framework.

It’s challenging, and our QA staff doesn’t have a dull moment, constantly learning new ways to improve the efficiency and accuracy of tests.

How does this roughly translate?


Because we take coding seriously, we also provide cohesive QA automation. For us, it’s one of the pinnacles of quality. Why do a tedious task manually when we can automate it? Furthermore, there are times when it’s practically impossible to do it the old fashioned way.

However, a QA Automation Engineer needs to decide what candidates, as in tasks, are eligible for the process as maintenance can consume a horrific amount of resources. After candidates are decided, simply writing the automation script is based on programming.

Of course, automation is more complex than this, and it requires an engineer capable of having a responsible and proactive attitude, willing to have fun in a challenging medium.

Below, we have a video that showcases a simple acceptance test for “login” and “add domain”.

Continuous Integration

The core of using smart continuous integration systems consists of performing effective tests on testable code. CI systems can alleviate some issues, as in code turnover, by providing immediate feedback and improving upon accountability and reliability, reducing costs and testing time, amongst other benefits.

Continuous integration is crucial for our QA department, and maintaining automated regression testing suites is a must when delivering bug-free software. Don’t look at CI as a method to get rid of bugs, but more like a way to find and remove them easier.

In case you find QA Automation intriguing, check our Career page, as we may have vacancies!

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