SpamExperts Top Software Updates 1st Quarter 2016

top software updates

The first months of 2016 have passed, and we’ve been relentlessly fighting off spam, phishing, and other threats. During this time, our email security software has undergone a number of important upgrades.

We want to thank all our teams for their efforts and fighting against email threats, as well as for constantly improving our products.

Now let’s dive into the most important updates of the last quarter.


In the past few weeks, the number of spam and phishing attacks trying to deliver malware has considerably increased; therefore, we have upgraded our attachment scanning technology. We have noticed a surge in attacks using corrupted archives, where cyber-criminals are getting more creative day by day. As a result, we have added new layers of security for scanning attachments and new signatures for malware.

We have expanded the types of archived compressors checks when the “Block hidden executables” feature is enabled, now including zip, 7z, rar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar, gz and bz2. Additionally, we have included by default .scr, .lnk, and .js to the list of blocked extensions and also optimised the block hidden executable filter for better results.

We have also introduced new features in the protection reports, such as: release (without training the message), release and whitelist, remove and blacklist, thus giving users more options and flexibility in dealing with their blocked emails.

The archiving index has been improved to better process larger messages and retrieve them faster from the server.

Another noticeable feature is the new classification type for messages sent to invalid addresses. These are now classified as “unknown” (previously “spam”), and can still be found in the log search or PDF/HTML protection reports.

Frontend / GUI

Based on feedback from customers, new wildcard support has been implemented on the whitelist and blacklist pages, now allowing SpamExperts users to whitelist or blacklist a domain with all its subdomains (even entire top-level domains) for a specific sender.

A new method for accessing email aliases has been added to the Control Panel API. We have also added the ability to migrate a sub-admin from one administrator to another administrator via the Control Panel API, and implemented new methods for managing local recipients.

SpamExperts Control Panel Administrator users are now able to manage the domains of their sub-admins and generate auth tickets directly for the sub-admin account.

Various improvements have been made to the interface to improve the user experience. For example, the message preview has been overhauled and the dashboard loads much faster and with fewer network requests.

Last, but not least, following  Microsoft’s decision to officially drop support for IE8, Internet Explorer 8 users will be prompted to upgrade their browser to a newer version when logging to our Control Panel, to avoid any security issues.

Plugins and Integration

Besides general improvement updates on all our add-ons, we have resolved the compatibility with cPanel v54 and improved the cleanup procedure when uninstalling the SpamExperts add-on from cPanel.

We highly value transparency and openness, and also the work done by the open source community. We have always contributed back to the open source projects that we use, and have published tools that we have developed, which may be of use to others. We have completed migrating all our control panel add-ons to public GitHub projects, where you are welcome to review the code, submit patches, use modified versions, and view changes as they are made.

This is it for now. We constantly do our best to improve our products in terms of performance, filtering, detection, and user experience, to provide our customers with spam-free emails and the best anti-spam experience.

Until our next quarterly technical update, drop us a line in the comment section and spread the word on social media!

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