How SpamExperts Uses Email Encryption


Encryption has been around for many years, in many forms, and has increased the security  of stored and transmitted data ever since. Emails are no different when it comes to security.

There are two main types, symmetric and asymmetric encryption that are used in various conditions to secure emails.

How do we leverage encryption?

First of all, we support email encryption in transit, while it is sent from server to server, using SSL/TLS. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is used at large, for example to encrypt emails in traffic or to provide a secure session between a user and a website (web server).

Second of all, our archiving service uses a strong encryption algorithm and secures every email in the archive, whether it is striped over multiple servers or just mirrored.

What’s the deal with TLS and Archiving Encryption?

SSL/TLS, as mentioned above, encrypts emails in transit using asymmetric public-key cryptography. This means that data is signed using SSL/TLS Certificates and leverages a private and a public key. The public key, accessible for anyone, is used to encrypt the data while the private key is used to decrypt it.

Meanwhile, we encrypt email archives using symmetric cryptography, that is mainly used to encrypt plain-text (emails) and decrypt ciphertext, with a password for example.

Why should I choose an email filtering system that uses encryption?

Because first of all you keep all your company’s data secured and away from prying eyes, regardless of it being in transit, when using SSL/TSL encryption, or when storing encrypted email archives.

This way you also comply with regulations and prevent further headaches on keeping the information safe, nor have any issues with state regulators that demand the archiving of data for a given timeframe and in a safe way, that’s not accessible by third-parties.

Until next time, keep your emails secured and encrypted with SpamExperts!

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