Why We Created the SpamExperts Debian Repository

201601011_Debian Repo

Back in December 2015, all the packages we develop for the best SaaS Email Security solution, were moved to our new in-house hosted Debian Repository.

What have we achieved with that? I can tell you that the first results are already visible, as we can now ensure and deliver the latest updates without compromising stability, security or performance.

Operating in the internet security landscape, we actively search for better and more flexible solutions for our complex SaaS platform and, of course, aim to mitigate the risk of problems that may arise in terms of performance or stability/compatibility. As a security company ensuring there are no vulnerabilities on the systems is critical, hence we picked-up the pace and went one step ahead and leveraged the Debian Repository when delivering our updates.

The main reason we created our Debian Repository was to maintain and improve our update delivery performance and gain better access and control.

Secondly, since we also own and administer many servers which require fast and stable management, by creating our own repository, we achieved a reduction in latency when deploying new packages.

Last but not least, using the Custom SpamExperts Debian distribution implies that we also utilize third-party packages. As Security is our no. 1 priority, each package is checked before sending it to customers, giving us more space to verify installed software and keep everything updated and air-tight.

To sum everything up, our latest SpamExperts Debian repository is in line with our core mission, delivering security to our customers in a swift, fast and stable way.

Until next time, feel free to reach us via our comment section.

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