SpamExperts Top Software Updates – December 2015

Tech Update

Fighting spam, phishing and other threats requires a lot of effort in order to develop and improve the best software an email security company can provide to its customers. Although the number of spam and phishing attacks continue to increase in complexity and the “bad guys” have become more cunning, we have also been improving our pace to always stay one step ahead of the game.

Our 10 years of experience and technical knowledge have perfected the SpamExperts SaaS platform in a context of joint efforts from our technical teams.

Now that we have acknowledged everyone’s efforts, let’s get down to their achievements.


We have recently made some changes to our quarantine system. By easing the transition to a user-focused system instead of a domain-focused one, we have made the environment more scalable for ISPs, whilst at the same time being able to offer more end-user functionality in the near future. Therefore, instead of having a huge folder where all emails are marked as spam, spam messages are now managed per recipient at domain level.

Another optimization has been done to our supported aliasing methods. We now provide our customers with four types of aliasing, thus increasing end-user flexibility when configuring their email accounts. Our anti-spam solution now comes with domain aliasing, single address aliasing, catch-all aliasing and cross-domain aliasing. Please note that cross-domain aliasing is only available via our Software API.

Our newest change is to use the SpamExperts Debian repository, in which we publish the most recent developed packages and tools for our email security solution. As a result,  we can now actively ensure the latest updates while improving stability, security, and performance.

As we wanted to help administrators save time and not have to manually enter each subdomain, we have boosted our systems to support wildcards for whitelisting/blacklisting. Therefore, they are now able to blacklist all subdomains of a spammer or whitelist all those of a trusted source. This includes blacklisting an entire domain extension if desired.  This feature is available only via the Software API.

Last but not least in this round of software updates, we have enhanced our attachment-scan technology by analysing up to three levels deep in compressed files. This upgrade will help block spammers who send malicious attachments cloaked into several compressed archive layers.

Control Panel

Outlook users are now enjoying more flexibility as the Control Panel and backend software have been updated to support the reporting of spam/ham in the Outlook .MSG format.

The latest web framework has been implemented for the Control Panel to provide the best web experience and responsiveness on multiple resolutions, with a focus on mobile.

As a result of our framework update, more information on sub-admin domains has been included on the admin overview page.

In order to optimize the log search, the message status has now be added as a filter or column. As a result, if customers want to find only the emails which have been quarantined or released, they can leverage the “message status” and our system will return the exact results.

As email security is our top priority, so is password policy when it comes to our SaaS platform. From now on, our password policy will deny any “dictionary passwords” and enforce an improved, strong password policy.

Admins now have the possibility to release outgoing messages detected as spam. With our latest feature “Allow release Outgoing Spam messages” specific admins are allowed to release outgoing messages from the quarantine by themselves via the log page. By default the setting is not enabled and super-admins have to attribute this privilege to specific admin users.


The SpamExperts WHMCS Addon is now fully compatible with the latest version of WHMCS (v.6) and published on our GitHub repository. The updated addon has undergone several performance updates, better management of install/uninstall files and optimized structured drivers.

So this is all for now. As always, we constantly optimize our products in terms of performance, filtering capabilities, detection ratio and UX to provide customers with the best anti-spam experience.

Until our next tech update, don’t forget to comment and spread the word on social media!

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