How Social Responsibility Taught Us a Thing or Two

It’s already one year since we started our social responsibility push and it has been a great adventure so far! The reason it all started was because we felt responsible for what was happening around us and we really wanted to help. As we have contributed to various humanitarian causes, we have also learned a lot about ourselves as people and as a team, and the world we live in.


So how did we actually contribute?

So far, we’ve had four projects with the fifth taking place at this very moment. The best part has been that the entire SpamExperts team, although spread out all over the world, has been working closely to implement all activities.

As the first project was closer to Christmas, we started out by researching orphanages, canteens, school/organizations and homes for the elderly to see how we could help. We decided to arrange a diversity of fun activities with an orphanage in Romania, we improved the look of a school in Mexico by painting it and arranged a special trip for senior citizens to a Naval Museum in the Netherlands.

Our second activity was also related to bringing happiness into the lives of children who are struggling with life threatening illnesses. We worked together with a non-governmental organization whose focus is to assist those in need and improve their lives in any way possible (educationally, socially and psychologically). This was a great opportunity for the kids to enjoy a 3D movie experience and a fun puppet show. Hoping to stimulate social skills through games, we donated tablets and board games for their playroom.

As summer was quickly approaching, we really wanted to implement an environmental project. So the SpamExperts team planted about 60 trees in different corners of the world (Romania and Mexico) in parks, schools and empty slots which could benefit from an increase in the number of green spaces. This has been a great learning process for our team, as well, and has made us show deeper appreciation for the environment.

The most recent activity was focused on abandoned dogs and cats and was focused on Romania. Although there have been various awareness campaigns to teach owners how to care for their pets, there is still a large number of abandoned animals on the streets and in shelters. As shelters are getting overcrowded, unclaimed animals are put to sleep after 14 days. Although we couldn’t help with adoptions, our team purchased food and equipment to improve the structure of the shelter.

We have all been very happy to get involved, as these initiatives have also taught us to show more appreciation for what we have and to be more caring for those around us.

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