How to Get Started with Content Marketing

content marketing

As mentioned in our previous article, we have decided to discuss important marketing trends, case by case. Hopefully some of our lessons learned will help you build a good strategy for your company in the future. Today’s topic is content marketing.

Content marketing has lately become a truly valuable trend marketers use to engage with their clients. It is not only large corporations that are using this, but also SMBs and companies at a smaller scale. It is a concept which applies to all businesses and can thus be implemented for both B2B and B2C verticals. Strictly speaking for our company, we have been using content marketing for brand awareness, lead conversion and nurturing, and customer loyalty.

Content marketing is part of your business strategy. What’s next?

You should first think about the needs and problems of your audience. After you have created a persona, start building your blog, web copy and documentation around that character and your main objectives. In our case, we filter spam. Our clients are mostly tech-savvy and obviously have spam related issues: too many bulk emails, IP blacklisting, or damaged reputation among their own clients. As a result, our documentation is generally trying to help them answer their most important questions: how is the solution actually going to help me fight spam? how and who is going to implement it?

Don’t be fooled, there are different personas in your client database and among your potential leads. As we had to make sure the strategy we had built was comprehensive enough and delivered valuable and compelling ideas, we embraced the thought leadership approach. We understood early on that our most important goal was to set up a relationship with our customers and create a community. You can’t become a successful company if your market doesn’t feel close to you and your product, right?

How did we actually implement content marketing?

After we agreed on what our goals and target were, we had to actually start building that relevant content; we wanted to tell a story based on the “why” factor. From our research, we knew we had to work extra hard to optimize our content for search engines. Our biggest challenge yet has been fighting off occasional writer’s block for our blog articles. Once we noticed it was not easy to have constant and high quality content published, we got more people involved. We started asking around the company and pitching ideas to industry friends for guest blogging. Soon enough, we were getting several valuable article contributions which also improved our blog traffic.

If you don’t have clear inspiration for an article, you can always jot down some ideas for an infographic based on your internal statistics or maybe you can create a nice video to share on social media. Videos and images drive more engagement than plain-text, no wonder our service videos and client and partner testimonials went viral instantly. Never underestimate the power of the visual!

Regardless of your efforts, it is very important to always analyze results and constantly seek to improve your strategy. This is work in progress so don’t give up! We are very curious to hear about your strategy, so feel free to share some of your tips and tricks with our team.

Photo credits: Galymzhan Abdugalimov/Unsplash

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