SpamExperts leads the way to the .cloud

Earlier this week, the Registry for the upcoming new Top-Level Domain .CLOUD announced the first wave of Pioneers. Over 30 companies spanning from market leaders in the Cloud space to innovative startups are the first able to use a .cloud domain to promote themselves and tell their stories in a new, more effective way.

As an award-winning market leader in the spam control space, we were extremely excited by the opportunity offered by the .cloud Pioneer program to give a fresh new home to our growing cloud-based

Why did SpamExperts want to become a .cloud pioneer?

As our goal is to secure email worldwide, the introduction of the cloud gTLD created a new avenue for us to establish a cloud online identity and foster trust while strengthening our brand’s link to the cloud environment.

By joining the pioneer launch with two new .cloud domain names, SpamExperts is one of the trendsetters and the first email security player to register such a domain, ahead of its competitors.

Therefore we couldn’t be happier to finally announce ownership of the two new .cloud domain names, aiming to unify our existing domains under the .cloud umbrella:

  •, available to all Hosted Cloud clients with private label options
  •, available for our non-private-label cloud.

A valid investment

According to a recent study by Deloitte, cloud computing is generally ranked as the strongest sector for technology investment. A natural opportunity which results from the cloud market growth is acquiring the .cloud TLD and align to that online identity.

For us, .cloud represents a great conversation starter, a good way to connect with our clients, engage with them and do our part by helping them in their efforts to maintain IT infrastructures clean of spam and viruses.

We are thrilled to have such an amazing asset at our disposal and are ready to take off to the .cloud and conquer new businesses!

Over the next weeks, the stories of the Pioneers will provide great examples of how the right domain name can boost a marketing effort and help create new opportunities and connections. The objective of the Pioneer program is to provide inspiration for other cloud companies and beyond to adopt .cloud and place their orders in the upcoming commercial launch of this TLD, scheduled to start on November 16th 2015 (full details at

Are you also considering taking advantage of the cloud buzz and grabbing that opportunity? Let us know in the comments.

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