Automatically Lock Hijacked Accounts in Your Network? How Cool is That!

outgoing filter picEmail is a commodity that most hosting customers expect to work seamlessly and at all times. But how often is your email traffic blocked due to IP blacklisting? How long do you spend chasing fraudulent accounts and getting your IP addresses off the blacklists?

Players in the web hosting industry, ISPs and organizations of all sizes, from mid-market businesses, to companies with millions of email users face the challenges of managing their end email users / hosted email clients often with limited time and resources.

Dealing with outbound spam

So what happens if spammers hijack one of your resources and you start sending out spam? It takes only one infected computer, script, or email account to cause irreplaceable damage to your network’s reputation.

There is nothing more frustrating, time consuming and expensive than email not arriving in the recipient’s inbox, due to low network reputation.

In addition to dealing with customer complaints, the domain owner must identify and suspend the abused hosting resources, and then communicate with email receivers to have the affected IP addresses removed from blacklists.

Here’s the thing: outbound email filtering can actually prevent that. It impacts network safety by stopping spam and viruses from being sent out by abused accounts in your system.

Singling out and locking of individual spamming accounts

Auto-locking could be one of the coolest features you may not have known was available, allowing clients to automatically block specific spamming users instead of all smarthost email.

It is a SpamExperts smart “identity” technique and a unique value offering among professional email security providers, allowing clients to automate the handling of their outbound filtering.

The identification method provides advanced developments in terms of client usability:

  • Unique user identification method. Based on the email header, the filtering system can be trained to recognize the end individual users, allowing SpamExperts to identify exactly not only which server is causing the spam, but also point out which of the users is sending out spam.
  • Auto-locking. You can automatically block the specific user as soon as it starts spamming, without any manual action from the client’s end.

  • Easy to use, easy to manage. The rules can be easily set via the API or web interface using a regular expression matching part of one (or more) header lines from their outgoing email to extract the right user information.

  • Cool reporting options  to monitor and close down spammers when they are seen in one’s network.
    • On-demand API based reporting
    • Outbound spam reports via the interface
    • Outbound spam reports via CSV
    • Alternative Outbound spam reports via CSV based on “Identification header”

At SpamExperts, we spend a lot of time helping clients stop outbound spam and virus threats. More details can be found in our Knowledgebase!

If you want to share your experience with outbound spam, drop a line in the comment section below.

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