How Open Source Has Helped Us Grow


Open source has been a consistent trend for the past years, as more and more commercial companies are getting involved, sponsor and promote such projects. It is more common for companies in the Internet industry to use a mix of open source and proprietary software and make use of a large number of technologies coming out of the open source community. Take Linux, an open source operating system, on which a high number of companies run, and probably the best example of the open source joint efforts.

This brings us to the legitimate question: why would programmers and developers, or a commercial company for that matter want to promote a free license which anyone can interfere with? Why let others mess up your code? But that’s the whole point of open source software: empower contributors to copy, change and pass around the code to improve its quality and build an ecosystem in which everyone contributes and works as a team to reach the same goal. Sometimes, these team members don’t even know each other, as diversity and the lack of geographical boundaries are the basis for the whole concept.

Why We Needed Open Source

Open source is an important part of SpamExperts. We’ve been using various open source components and we constantly try to help with various issues in the community. Back in the early days we weren’t so keen on opening our code, we were a bit closed, but we soon understood the importance of transparency to people who could see what was actually happening with the data and emails. This is also an important attitude in building a relationship with our clients. By opening up our code, we allow them to check what we are doing and that creates reliability.

That’s when we decided to make the transition, because it was not the code that was our biggest asset, but the data we developed. Joining the open source community has helped us build great email filtering technology which really makes the difference and aids us in outperforming our competitors. We feel we’ve established a close bond with the community and it is great to see all these experts who are volunteering to contribute, simply because they love what they are doing. In fact, a part of our team was actually found through open source projects! How great is that?

How Open Source Became Our Culture

A while back, when our company started testing the waters to see if open source was something we would like to get involved in we found some cool projects to join. That’s how Pyzor came into the picture, an open source anti-spam program that you can download for free. Initially started by a different coder, Pyzor was at risk of being turned into a commercial project, so SpamExperts decided to take over. We reached out to the original curator and agreed to keep it open source, but at the same time develop it until it was stable and reached the latest standards.

Just as important to mention is the initiative we started around IPv6 a few years ago. As there were some filtering issues with IPv6 due to the chunk of IP space to oversee, our team worked on providing some solutions for that problem.

We would like to take this opportunity and send out a message to the open source community: Guys, thanks for all the contribution and efforts, you rock!

Are you part of an open source project? Or would like to join our open source community? Let us know in the comment section or drop us an email.

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