Tech Update

As we keep on expanding our company and client base worldwide, we constantly strive to improve our products and integration add-ons on a daily basis to stay relevant in today’s competitive email security market landscape.

With all the knowledge, experience and technical resourcefulness that our dedicated Development, QA and Support teams possess and put into each task they take on, we want to showcase some of their awesome achievements of the past few months.

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Now let’s get down to business and see what the newest tech updates are.

Revamping Our Data Systems

SpamExperts has consistently used a mix of internally generated anti-spam and antivirus data, combined with external data feeds. In time, SpamExperts has become one of the largest email filtering services, handling an amount of email traffic large enough to produce its own accurate threat data.

As a result, a major restructuring of the various classification and data systems has been recently implemented, updating the SpamExperts IP/URL reputation to make more efficient use of our centrally produced intelligence data. Our goal is to further improve the email filtering quality and ensure that any reported false negatives/positives are processed more quickly to provide optimal spam and virus filtering for our clients.

One major functionality we’ve added is that in case our software blocks an email, it is no longer required to handle delisting at any external listing source. This can be done immediately within our own systems, either by releasing and training the message, or by temporarily adding an exception.

Enabling Stronger Passwords

Ensuring that users are compelled to use strong passwords is the safest and least intrusive way to enhance the security of your systems. This is why we have implemented new features allowing super-admins to set controls around what types of passwords are permitted for their users. As we do not store passwords, note that existing passwords are not impacted when the policies are changed.

Additionally, we strongly encourage the use of two-factor authentication as an additional security layer for all our clients. The password policy and the two-factor authentication can be enabled in the User Setting page.   

Expanding Our Integration & Automation

Out of desire to create the best client experience, we’re systematically enhancing our platform integration efforts, making it easier for customers to deploy new services to their end-clients.

Via the Odin-certified APS 2.0 add-on, SpamExperts email protection and archiving system smoothly integrates with Odin Service Automation. This integration has been a major asset, offering flexible and automatic protection of domain and email resources for Odin clients.

But that’s not all that’s kept us busy. We have also launched our Plesk for Windows add-on, providing simple and secure automation of email security provisioning with the Windows OS.

These together with the MachPanel, ExtendASP and Hosting Controller plug-in releases were awesome achievements for us, and we’re thrilled to share them with you.

Open Source Partnerships and Initiatives

During the last quarter, the new open source initiative AbuseIO has included support for the SpamExperts ARF spam reports generated by our outgoing filter. We’re excited to welcome their collaboration with our products, joining what will hopefully become a long list of current and future open source working relationships.

If you have any questions or comments about the topics above or any general feedback, please feel free to add them in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for the next Tech Update!

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